This site is skinned, meaning you can change the look and feel of the site whenever you please. Below are some screen caps of the different skins has to offer. Please note, you may need to refresh or clear your cache in order to view changes.

Skin 1: Captive

Caught within my trap, you are my captive.
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Skin 2: Kitties

Features images of my two cats, Isis and Denali.
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Skin 3: Dark Dream

A sight to behold, what might you see admist the terror of a dark dream?
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Skin 4: Anonymity

Anonymity is derived from the Greek word , meaning without a name or name-less, and more originally meaning without law.
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Skin 5: After the Rain (default)

A look at Southern New Mexico and its beauty after the rain.
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Skin 6: Raven

A tribute to my favorite Teen Titan and half-demon Raven aka Rachel Roth. Images capped from my dvd of episode #6: Nevermore from the animated series.

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