Name: Joana Rodriguez 
Alias(s): Lady Dragon, Mistress of Dragons (MoD), Tsukiryuu 
Born: February 12, 1984 
Age: 23 
Sex: Female 
Height: 5'4 
Hair: Brunnete 
Eyes: Dark Brown 
Hails From: New Mexico USA 
Political Affiliation: Liberal-Republican 
Zodiac: Aquarius 
Chinese Z.: Year of the Rat 
School: New Mexico State University (NMSU) 
Monetary Worth: $1,389,458.00


So who am I? My name is Joana and I am a twenty-two year old female who is currently residing in the oh-so-lovely state of New Mexico U.S.A. I like to think of myself as a somewhat unbiased person, which to a certain extent is quite true. I'm actually pretty cynical (especially when it comes to people). I have a very bad tendency to look for what’s not there rather than what is. Aside from that I'm probably the easiest person to get along with so long as you give me my necessary peace and solitude occasionally and try not to change me. I can not stand people who see a 'fault' in others and try to remedy them. Everyone has faults, its what makes them human. I should mention that I'm pretty laid back but beware my temper is vicious, especially when directed to those who have wronged me or mine. I try to treat everyone fairly and tend to be extremely polite when around those I'm unsure of. Many think me sometimes shy and timid as well - they don’t know me at all. ^_^

I've got a wide range of things I like to do ^_^ I'm kind of weird that way. I love to just sit around and read be they fanfictions, a nice thick classic, some gory horror, enticing fantasy and even hilarious comedies are not safe from me. I also love to read comics, manga, and doujinshi. Writing is an old past time of mine. I've been writing short stories and poems since I was a kid, although the majority of my writings will never be viewed by anyone other than myself. I like to also play music as well as just listen to it. I play a wide range of reed instruments though I do not consider myself overly talented at all. I'm particularly partial to J-Rock/Pop, Hard Rock, and Metal. For the most part I'll give anything a shot though. I can draw and I love to doodle, though as you can see I'm no artist. Still it doesn't stop me from trying.

Anime is my life. I absoultely love anime and all things related to it. I enjoy watching various types of anime, though I have to say I am partial to shounen and mecha type anime.I have quite an extensive collection of anime paraphernelia, in fact the last time I had my collection appraised I had over $3,000 worth of DVDs, VHS, action figures, figurines, doujinshi, manga, posters, trading cards, card games/playing cards, pins, pens, magnets, keychains, stationary, sheets, pillows, model kits, stickers - you name it I've got it. ^^' Even candy!


Here is a short list of some of my favorite things, for more in-depth detail you can always visit my fanlistings page.

book(s) - The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice & Obsidian Butterfly by LKH 
book series - Joust Series by Mercedes Lackey & The Hallows Series by Kim Harrison 
book characters - Severus Snape (HP), Draco Malfoy (HP), Tonks (HP), Edward (ABVH) 
tv characters - Faith (BTVS), Spike (BTVS), Druscilla (BTVS), Michael (LaFemeNikita) 
authors - Mercedes Lackey, Marie Brennan, Patricia Briggs, Kim Harrison, & Karen Chance 
anime - Digimon Adventure (01 & 02), Full Metal Alchemist, Gundam Wing, Angelic Layer, Gundam SEED, Ouran Koukou Host Club, & Naruto 
cartoon - ThunderCats, Teen Titans 
muscians - Pat Benetar, The Offspring, Marilyn Manson, Nightwish, X-Japan, Malice Mizer, Within Temptation, & Ayumi Hamasaki 
movie - The Legend of Billie Jean, The Great Escape, The Rock 
tv show - Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Roswell, La Femme Nikita, Dark Angel, Alias 
bishonen - Yamato Ishida, Envy, Heero Yuy, Fujimiya Aya (Ran), Farfello, Sai, Kira Yamato 
bishoujo - Lady Une, Sai Jounouchi, LadyDevimon, Scheris Adjani 
actress - Michelle Pfeiffer, Eliza Dushku & Clea Duvall 
actor - Sean Connery, Chuck Norris, Orlando Bloom, Johhny Depp, Charles Bronson, & Leonardo DiCaprio 
song - Fat Lip (Sum 41), Angels (Within Temptation), Beast of Blood (Malice Mizer), Romanticide (Nightwish), Bodies(Drowning Pool), Invincible (Pat Benatar)