Archived updates, no longer hosted on main page. Updates older than August 7, 2002, were lost long ago. 

Updates: Tuesday November 29, 2005

Finally a bit of a website update, it's mostly nothing but touch ups and clean ups 

Network -> located in "Domain" 
º formerly known as "my sites" under the Joana section 
º updated with new info and screencaps of the new sites 
º only contains info on network sites now 

Album -> located in "Joana" 
º thumbnails added for the latest four images (finally) 

Fanlistings -> located in "Domain: Joined" 
º since there are so many fanlistings now they have been reorganized for easier browsing 

Updates: Monday November 7, 2005

Alright after much contemplation on this matter I have edited the Visitor section once again by completely deleting the "Free Graphics" section. Too many times I saw my stuff used at other sites and mboards with no credit given to me whatsoever. I also found this section to be rather pointless as there are a ton of free graphics sites out there that have pre made templates and graphics for the visitor to use as well as allowing the option of ordering a custom made one for little to nothing. 

Because it is getting harder and harder to get free anime mp3s and doujinshi without having to create an account somewhere or download some program (and because I love anime) I have left the Doujinshi scans and Audio files sections up. I have also left the Book Symposium (book reviews), Pairings Guide and Dictionary of Terms up as well. As those last three are generally found to be useful and aren't seen on too many personal sites these days. 

Updates: Saturday August 13, 2005

Nanashi has gotten quite the decent update today folks, so enjoy! 

Weiss FanFiction -> located in "Fan Works" 
º new chapter of "The Prodigal Child" now up 

Updates: Sunday August 7, 2005

Nanashi has gotten quite the decent update today folks, so enjoy! 

Album -> located in "Joana" 
º four new images added

Car(s) -> located in "Joana" 
º 3 new images added 
º pyro's details updated and extended

Pets -> located in "Joana" 
º Shizuku's bio & pictures added 
º Denali's pictures added (3) 
º pet page re-aranged

Mini Shrines -> located in "Fan works" 
º Envy's page: new images added

Joana -> located in "Joana" 
º page updated

Stance -> located in "Joana" 
º new entry "Why Is Her Son Dead" added 

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