Various essays written for my classes. Feel free to browse them or download them. You can use these as a sort of example or "how to" guide for any type of paper you're writing. I figure my English essasys might be the most useful on that part. If you're writing a paper on a topic I've writen one on then feel free to use it for reference. Remember, if you can find it on the net chances are you're teacher will be able to too. Meaning? Cite your sources! Or not, its up to you. 

The grade received on each individual paper is located within the paranthesis found next to the title of the paper. Works cited pages if not contained in the same file are linked directly below the paper. 

Anthropology 120G: 

Essay 01: Human Evolution (90) 
Essay 02: Final Essay (95) 

Business English 203G: 

Essay 01: Justification Report (?) 
Essay 02: Breifing Report (90) 
Essay 03: Procedural Document: How to Build A Website (90) 

Criminal Justice 210: 

Essay 01: U.S. Marshals (29/30=A)
works cited: here 

Government 110: 

Essay 01: Early Thinkers: John Locke (?)
works cited: here 

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