People were Inspired to Play Gambling Online by The Former Presidents of US


Regardless of the reason, gambling is unstoppable and if you want to know who the presidents of US who loved to gamble were, here are the answers such as:

  • 1. Warren G. Harding, President of US 1921-1923

Other previous presidents of US used their high positions for their own advantage when they played the card game especially poker in the White House. However, unlike other presidents, Harding explained to the people or other players not to worry and mind about his high position as the leader of US. He wanted all players to treat him just like other players. He also said, when it came to poker, people must forget that he was the president of US but he was just Warren Harding who would beat all his opponents in poker.

  • 2. Franklin D. Roosevelt, President of US 1933-1945

His favorite gambling game is 7-card stud which was one of the poker versions. In fact, in poker world, Roosevelt was known as the great bluffer and also the commander of the game. He was known as the successful bluffer. He said that he studied other poker players just like he studied about the cards. After several losing, he could comeback easily.

Due to the popularity of some presidents of US in poker, many people are inspired to do the same thing in gambling online so they could win it and make money through it.