Rest in Peace Denali

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I woke up yesterday morning to the worst possible news you could want. The vet called a little after 9am to let me know that Denali had gone into cardiac arrest. They tried to resuscitate her, but it was like Denali just wasn’t willing to keep on fighting. :(

She was doing so much better, and they had discovered that Denali did not have diabetes as feared. The low glucose and red blood cells was due to heart disease she had been born with and which had gone undetected on the more generic and basic tests. Saturday there was so much improvement, she was even being fussy with her food for the heck of it, and playing with some of the assistants there. Then Sunday morning, she started showing signs (difficulty breathing amongst some other things the vet listed) that warned them in advance she was going to arrest. They were right there, taking preemptive measures when she went into cardiac arrest. They had the cart there, and immediately started doing CPR and everything, but she just didn’t come back.

Denali was only 9 years old. I just, I don’t get how my little Denali could be fine one day, listless and anemic the next, then gone a couple of days later. I get the scientific how and understand that, I just don’t get why it was Denali. :sad:

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  1. Mage (231) Charity said,

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       November 7, 2013 @ 12:25 am

    I’m so sorry! We just lost my little Panda Bear (my dog) on the 25th of October. :( I swear, this year is not good for furbabies. :(

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