Best and Worst Birthday Gifts Ever

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My 29th birthday…damn, but the years have flown by. Almost to the big 3-0. Now that’s a scary thought. No drinks or dinner out for me this year, or at least not today. My birthday gift to myself….a trip to the dentist for a couple of fillings and getting my wisdom teeth extracted.

Oh that was fun. So no hot drinks, alcohol, spicy food, drinking through straws, or hard foods for me today. Strictly liquid diet. But hey, the pain meds I got (Vicodin) make everything kind of good. Oh boy do those things work really well. I can see why folks get addicted to them!

On my to the dentist’s office, I heard Shannon, a dj for the local rock station Rocket 99.5FM, do his daily prize giveaway called Shannon’s Sack Lunch. The prize this week is really awesome, and even though I didn’t expect to even get through (just because the prize was that awesome) I gave it a try…..and ended up lucky caller number nine!

Usually the sack lunch prize is for Wienerschnitzel, which is cool, but that’s nothing compared to this:

  • Surrender the Fall’s album “Burn in the Spotlight”
  • $10 gift certificate to Caliche’s
  • gift certificate for a Cake Pop Bouguet from the Green Door Bake Shop
  • and a gift certificate for the Las Cruces Taproom and Zeffiro Pizza

Ah yeah, now that is an awesome B-day gift.

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  1. Mage (231) Charity said,

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       February 13, 2013 @ 8:14 pm

    Booo for dentist’s visits, yay for super awesome prizes/b-day presents! 😀

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