Halloween, Hospitals, and Food

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This Halloween was a memorable one, to say the least. Yesterday I didn’t get home until after 9pm, and after gathering up some things for the next day, putting up stuff, showering, and then eating, I didn’t hit the sack until around 1am. And no, it wasn’t because I was having a blast somewhere either. My grandfather actually fell yesterday while inspecting the fields (this is why he has people who are supposed to do this for him, but does he listen? Nooo) and my mother called to tell me he was in the ER. This happened late in the afternoon, so immediately after work I headed over to the hospital. Turns out he broke his leg, specifically his right femur near his knee joint.

Grandpa was admitted to the hospital overnight and I stayed with him for as long as possible, but I ended up having to go home to retrieve his medications so the doctors would know exactly what he was on and being treated for. Due to how late it was it was determined that he would need surgery for the break the following day. Since he spent all evening down in the ER before being admitted he didn’t get dinner. Big no-no for a diabetic. Mom and Grandpa argued with me that he would have surgery first thing in the morning. But, as expected, because he’s diabetic he was given breakfast in the morning while they consulted with his primary care physician, then he fasted that afternoon (today) and went in for surgery at 4pm.

Because of my grandfather’s age (he’s 80! 😯 ) after he received some different medications after his surgery and required an additional two hours of monitoring after his surgery. So he spent about 3hrs in recovery this evening. Then they only allowed one of us to visit with him for a little while. So I ended up leaving the hospital without seeing Grandpa since I thought Mom should be the one to go in and visit with him. He’s my Grandpa, but he’s her dad you know. According to her text, she just barely got in to see him a little after 8pm. No word yet on a possible release date for him yet. The surgery was a success though! They had to insert a pin in his leg and one in his spine, hence the longer observation I think. Although, I am a bit alarmed hearing about his spine. :s

Yesterday wasn’t all scary-slash-bad news though. We had a potluck at work for Halloween (and a going away party for a coworker who was leaving us 🙁 ) Amongst all the yummy food stuff there were these adorable skull cupcakes – they tasted as awesome as they look:

We got to come in costume, with the theme being comic book heroes and villains. Naturally, when we were picking who we would come as there were a lot of Justice League, Avengers, and X-Men claims. In the end though, a lot of people didn’t come dressed up. Initially, I wanted to be Harley Quinn….but I didn’t have time to make a costume and while googling images of Raven I saw The Crow in search results and BAM! I knew who I was coming as. Since we work at a financial institution we weren’t allowed to wear masks (except for the photo) and we couldn’t paint our faces entirely. So I substituted the white face paint with my regular foundation, lightened a couple of shades with baby powder, then did rest as normal.

The real reason I wanted to do this costume? Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE The Crow. Comics are awesome, and Brandon Lee’s portrayal is just WOW, but it was also a costume I didn’t have to go out and buy. It was the end of the month and I spent most of what I had left on the food needed for my dish for the potluck and gas, no money for an outfit I’d wear once a year! Everything I needed for The Crow though, I had at home. Black boots? Check. Black pants and blouse? Check. Makeup? Check. The only thing I bought was more black electrical tape (since I wouldn’t have had enough) to wrap my wrists up, which I got from the dollar store. Costume’s total cost: $1.25. Can’t beat that!

Ironically, I forgot I was still dressed up when I was at the hospital. So all night long when orderlies, doctors and nurses kept startling when they saw me or taking double-takes I couldn’t fathom what their problem was. Until I went home and realized I was still dressed up! 😆 At least my Grandfather got a kick out of it. 🙂

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  1. Mage (231) Charity said,

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       November 4, 2012 @ 11:32 pm

    So sorry to hear about your grandfather but glad he is doing ok! We were allowed to dress up at work, but hardly anyone did. I wore my Evanescence shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes and then painted my face pale with pink cheeks, sunken eyes, and eyeliner stitches. I carried around a plastic machete – I was a “demented doll.” LOL

  2. Demigod (900) Julie said,

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       November 30, 2012 @ 7:28 pm

    Love your makeup for Halloween. OMG scary about your Grandpa. Wishing him a speedy recovery from all that.

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