A Bad Ending to a Good Week

Claptrap - Comments Off - Posted on December, 4 at 8:20 pm

I had a fairly decent week this past week, nothing stellar really happened to write home about. But nothing bad happened either. I was entrusted to train a new girl who will be working at the T or C branch on Friday, which was pretty awesome in and of itself. Nothing says your skills are respected and trusted like being asked to train someone. Oh, and I was informed that I’d be getting some extra hours this upcoming week too.

Then I had some asshole run me off the road on Saturday and the PIG who responded to the call didn’t want to believe me, never mind the damage done to my car. He cited the guy who tried to flee the scene for not having insurance only. That was it. Here my side-view mirror is completely taken off, the front and back doors on the driver’s side are smashed up where the guy hit me, and the officer had the nerve to say he doesn’t think it was the guy’s intention to hit me and run me off the road. :wtf:

Before Saturday my biggest expenses I had to worry about were my Discover card payment, my phone, and maybe buying some telephone batteries. Now I’ve got to get my car fixed and it’s gonna be outta pocket to boot. I dropped my insurance a while back to just liability and uninsured motorist. The minimum coverage you can have. Since the guy was cited for being at fault WHICH HE WAS SINCE HE DELIBERATELY RAN ME OFF THE ROAD, I know my insurance won’t cover the damages. Hell, is it even worth it to report it to my insurance? I’m thinking not. :( If they won’t fix it, why should I have my rates affected for something that wasn’t my fault?

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